• We are a dedicated team of scientists, students and physicians

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  • We are committed to understanding how stem cells can be used to understand and treat infertility

  • We develop enabling technologies for in vitro gametogenesis (IVG) from stem cells

Discovery Lab for Reproductive and Child Health

Using human stem cells and laboratory animal models, our overall goal is to understand the cell and molecular basis of germline cell differentiation and epigenetic reprogramming. This information is crucial to improve human reproductive and child health, to understand early pregnancy loss, and to create stem cell models for rebuilding tissues and restoring fertility after cancer therapy.

Check out our new single cell RNA-Seq atlas profiling human ovary and testis development  (link)

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Our lab is funded by the following sources:

National Institutes of Health - Turning discovery into health
CIRM - California Stem Cell Agency
The Lalor Foundation - Advancing Research and Innovation in Reproductive Health
UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center